Welcome to GoThryv Nutrition. An information site which aims to highlight a best practice to eat ethically & sustainably whilst also providing simple and practical tips.

The world of nutrition can be so complex and confusing that many of us feel overwhelmed. There are often many contradictions and biased opinions as well complete lies.

However, there are a few weirdos in this world who actually enjoy learning about this stuff, and I am one of them. I created this site to catalog my own findings and present them simply to hopefully help other people navigate their own nutrition. I see this as your ‘just tell me what I need to eat’ guide. Allow me to geek out so you don’t have to!

The most ethical and environmentally sustainable diet is a well designed whole-food, plant-based diet. However when designing this diet you will need to be sure to supplement a selection of nutrients which are unavailable when consuming plants.

Therefore, a carefully planned whole food, plant-based diet is not 100% complete but it is the most ethical.

Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, EPA, DHA will need to be supplemented as well as consuming a nutrient dense variety of plant foods. This is all explained in the relative sections of the site.

This will often mean consuming a large quantity of food during the day which is not always easy due to lifestyle demands. A great way to pack this large quantity of food into your day is to make a habit of preparing delicious and nutrient dense smoothies.

This site separates the various food groups and nutrients and highlights their importance for health in an easily digestible format.

There is also a section which looks at my current ‘perfect day’ eating plan and how I am able to make sure I am getting the nutrients I need. This includes the various supplements I am taking and why. Remember this is a ‘perfect day’ eating plan and sometimes it is not possible to strictly follow it perfectly. For this reason I have allowed room for slip-ups and even promote a cheat day once a week where I still eat plant-based but allow some treats in there so I’m not missing all the fun and keeps me human!